Zachary Elwood

Zachary Elwood is an online, left-wing, ANTIFA terrorist, socialist, communist cyberstalker. His specialty is going online and attacking and harassing, threatening, intimidating, molesting, defaming, slandering, libeling, and annoying right wing or conservative or Christian people, because he is a Satanic God-hating communist bastard. He is currently upon information and belief being investigated by the FBI IC3 Unit for violating various state and federal anti-stalking/anti-harassment laws, such as 18 U.S.C. §§ 875 and 2261A, and his indictment, arrest, charging, prosecution, conviction, and ultimately his incarceration for each and every violation of these federal laws, is anticipated to happen, very soon, and very shortly. Hopefully then Zachary Elwood will live a long, fruitful life behind bars in a Maximum Security Prison, where his butthole will become the resting place of a great many violent felons also living and residing with him in federal prison. Don’t drop the soap, Zachary!!!