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WG Aljohmani – Waeljoh WG25-1 – Stellini Kaffe Denmark

Cheater and liar! Is married and has kids but plays single. Has several netdating profiles and even more on social media where he contacts all kinds of women. He prefers the very young ones, who believe all his bullshit about love, and who will do anything to please him. He will tell you what to wear, what to say, who to see and what time he wants you to be at home.
When he writes to older woman, they must be single mothers and love snapchat filters that makes them look young again.
He will empty their bank account and make them pay.
If you are living in Copenhagen, he will only be able to see you from Monday to Thursday. That is when he will go back to his family and play “father and husband”.
He will never take you out. You could be seen together.
He plays muslim which means that you will have to pay the alcohol he likes.
Sex means to beat you. He does not care if you come or not. And while you are lying next to him in bed, he will like all the other women he is cheating on you with.
Works for Stellini Kaffe and has hepatitis.

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