Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters WERONIKA MAMOT CHEATER AND FRAUD.


Weronika Mamot befriended an Australian citizen in the hopes to be friends with him and come visit him in Australia after working internationally together, little did he know, she was using him. They became friends, ended up in a relationship that lasted for 7 years. Why? She wanted permanent residency in Australia. She conned him into a relationship, even engaging to be married together. She duped him. All the while, she was on tinder, talking to make work colleagues, emotionally and physically cheating on her partner. Once she gained her permanent resident status in Australia, she not only left him for good, but stole all his property and items, even the poor dog. He is heart broken while she’s free to live in Australia and doing so with another man that she left her fiancé for on his birthday. Weronika Mamot is a fraud and a cheater.