Vincent Harrison – Montana

This is an Air Force cucaracha named Vincent A. Harrison. Vincent is a lying cheating bastard who was married for 13years. Single ladies get a man that’s single and never been married, because if he’s a cheated like this adulterer your marriage will not be accepted by God and you will go down with the curse of adultery with this prick at the final judgment. He cheated with female coworkers and even went on a sponsored by the base “couples retreat” with his hidden adultery in 2015 or 2016. He’s a porn addict and can’t stop jacking off and sees women as sex objects to masturbate to on his computer. Irresponsible and doesn’t like to cut the grass would rather go outside and scream at the house then do the choir, because he’s playing video games. He’s a video game junkie and loves playing violent video games and that’s why he can’t pass Tsgt. He got a 44 on his ASVAB and is scared to retest thinking that score will get lower. He failed Sgt too. He spends all of his time on the video game, chasing a** or jacking off. His old supervisor at Minot AFB use to send him gay male porn from porn sites doing 69 on his phone. Vincent would store those pictures to send comments back about them he was making fun of a gay coworker in Minot, but he kept those pictures on the phone. He had a video of him wrestling and pipping humps into one of his friend’s anal area while on the ground. Do straight men play like that? He’s toyed with a dildo trying to stimulate his a****** by holding to buzz it in his hole. Porn brings out the worst in people. He tried to pressure his wife into a 3some that he was setting up with his adultery and was told no he wanted to throw a fit.

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