Expose Cheaters Online Uncategorized Victoria Ann Hoch – Tampa, FL

Victoria Ann Hoch – Tampa, FL

Self absorbed narcissist who knowingly had an ongoing affair with my ex husband (who was her professor at the time). She helped facilitate the affair even going as far as making sure all messages were deleted and kept a secret, until he ultimately ended up confessing.

She has full knowledge that he was married with not one, but two children, and was morally okay with splitting that apart. Not only that, but she knowingly seduced and cheated with him yet again a couple years later, in his next serious relationship after she met the current girlfriend.

She is a conceited narcissistic who finds her validation through sleeping with married men and men in relationships. She is a gold digger with no discernible talents or impressive traits.

Pretends to be a friendly people person, is really narcissist and will do anything to pump up her small fragile ego. Do not do business with her, you’ll end up getting the short end of the stick. Uplift Behavioral Wellness is her business.

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