UPS dont just deliver your package – New York

Ive recently broke up with my boyfriend who is a UPS driver in Brooklyn. He delivers from Coney Island Hospital up Ave Z and goes by the name Tony or Verdi. His real name is Anthony Verdoliva from Staten Island this guy is a married man!!!! He played games with me and my heart, after we broke up he would send friends to my house to see how i am and to give me his new number that his wife changed since her fat disgusting a** new he was cheating.. !! Then he sends me messages saying his wife has cancer and he cant be with her sexually and how hard it is to take care of her while she gets treatments. Im like are you kidding????? What a scumbag i don’t want anything to do with you so go away old man. He is a real perv too sending pictures of his privates to other woman and wanting pics back. He got 2 girls pregnant on purpose but wanting them to get an abortion at 12 weeks when he decided not to keep the baby with her. He is a real piece of work and woman need to stand back from him since he lures them in with his kindness and sweet words but is playing games behind their back. He will never get divorced since he always says he is going to!!!! He is a LIAR… SNAKE… CHEAT…. His wife will just fight with you as if us girls are the wrong ones and he is not…!!! He is really a piece of work…!!!! STAY AWAY….

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