Expose Cheaters Online Texas Tricia Rodriguez Hicks – Texas

Tricia Rodriguez Hicks – Texas

Wow! I read a post on Tricia and had to make one of my own, this chick cheated on me 3 times in 6 months, I was in the military and when I was away she was very busy with her cop buddies screwing around on me, the neighbor informed me of the revolving door, she had them spending the night and played me bad, stay away from this chick she is a major player and has guys on the hook at her service. I took this b**** to Hawaii and found out she cheated on me one week before we left, she sat on the beach s*** faced the entire time flirting with guys, she is really a f***** up chick, drunk all the fucken time, she plays the innocent I would never cheat story well, i believed her, found out her trick was a thrill phone on the side I didnt know about, she is very insecure, my bad I didnt figure the s*** out, she tried to provoke me in the end, big a** smart a** when she gets drunk, doesnt give a s*** about anyone but herself, always the fucken victum. Wow didnt know she had to move to Montana because she screwed up. I shouldnt be surprised!

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