Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Trent Wieties is cheating on hsi wife, Sarah Wieties

Trent Wieties is cheating on hsi wife, Sarah Wieties

He told me his name was Marvin Burns. His real name is Trenton Wieties or Trent Wieties and he lives in Collinsville, IL. He told me his one of his exes stalks him and that why he hides his face on Tinder. He is still married to Sarah Wieties, he is having affairs behind her back and cheating using tinder to meet people. He used me for sex and to have an affair and lied to me the entire time. We talked for weeks on the phone and through snapchat. We met up at the Super 8 Hotel in Jerseyville, IL. He Immediately kissed me when I walked in and threw me on the bed. After less than 2 minutes he was done. It was exciting at first then I realized he sucked in bed. Immediately he got dressed saying he had to hurry and get to work. After he left I tried calling him and messaging but he would not answer. He ignored me from that point on. It is clear he used me and I was played. I google searched and found pics of him and surprise he was also lying about his name to me. He is married and has been doing this same thing to many others. He is horrible in bed, has a small d*ck, super quick to finish (prematurely) and a liar and cheater. I hope everyone finds out that he is a cheater and what he does and how many times he has done it so all can avoid him and bust him in his lies.