Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Trent Wieties Cheating During COVID using fake name

Trent Wieties Cheating During COVID using fake name

I was told his name was Greg Hosp, but his real name I found out is Trenton Wieties or Trent Wieties. He lives in Illinois around Collinsville. We texted, talked with KIK, and Snapchat for 2 months. We met up at hotel and had plans to stay the afternoon and night. We Live approx. 3 hours from each other and each drove about halfway to meet. We hung out for an hour in our room and messed around. We had sex and I was hoping for more, but he was finished, Greg or Trent hung out for another 30 minutes. Then he made an excuse about an emergency and had to leave. I grabbed my stuff and left also, I started calling him and texted him. He ignored all my attempts. I tried kik and all other apps we used, same thing he just ignored or did not respond. I realized right away I got tricked and used. I researched more when I got home online and found pictures of him. He is a married cheater having affairs and used me for sex. Trent is a natural liar and he has this act perfected. I found many others who he lied to and cheated with. We didn’t use protection so now I have to get tested I can’t believe I fell for this. I cant believe I trusted him. Everyone needs to know what he is doing. It is hard enough to meet people with COVID but this is even worst. Meet a guy is a risk but to find out married and cheating and with multiple others make me very scared. To all you other single women out there stay away from Trent Wieties. Online say he is married to Sarah Wieties and I hope she finds out and gets even with Trent as he deserves it. I pray she doesn’t catch anything from him. Trent you are a Jerk, Liar, and overall piece of SH*T.