Steve Allen

Here is Steve Allen. A dirty infested woman beater from Lexington Kentucky. Not only has he beat his girlfriend In Lexington but he also gave her Chlamydia TWICE. When she told him the second time he beat her and went to go see his side chick, Miranda Jill in Somerset Kentucky(Who he claims met online and sells meth to. When asked about her he swears he would touch her because her house is dirty with a mattress on the floor. He also says her teeth disgust him.) Not only is he a creep but his family helps him with his abuse. His so called cousins have tried to sleep with his girlfriend and When she told him he smacked her and called her a liar. When his live in girlfriend caught him at Fayette mall in Lex in December 2019 with another women not only did he spit in her face but he allowed the girl to spit and curse at her also. Little does he know that while he is in Somerset, every other week, his girlfriend is getting it from a dope dealer. Beware of this man ladies. Not only will he abuse you but he will also give you an STD.

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