Stacey Lee (McCabe) Auden Court – United Kingdom

Stacey Lee (Previously McCabe) of Auden Court, Clinton Park is now on her third affair during her 12 or so years married to Colin Lee. Stacey works at Tesco’s in Boston where two of these affairs took place and has two kids. (one with husband Colin) Stacey has herpes and has twice omitted to tell the person she was having sexual relations with before putting them at risk of both oral and genital herpes. Stacey shows no remorse and has gone back and begged her husband for forgiveness whilst still remaining in contact with her latest shag and each time her husband falls for it. You could say her husband is a sucker and doesn’t seem to understand that she is known at work as the store bike and doesn’t seem to have any plans to stop. She is so hated at work that during her latest affair three of her colleagues felt the need to grass her up and vent their opinion of what a w**** she is. During her affairs Stacey likes to put her husband down saying he is abusive to women, useless in bed, and a complete fool for her lies.

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