Expose Cheaters Online Shana Lohnes Shana Lohnes — Skanky Rez Slore

Shana Lohnes — Skanky Rez Slore

Skanky Rez slore. Just beware of this slore when she comes around. men are pigs and mine sure was since
he likes to mess around with miss piggy, Rasputia, thing she acts like she innocent she isn’t she a slore who
don’t know who her kids daddy is. And she tried to say my NOW EX HUSBAND was the father of her child
and I was stupid to stick with him for that long. And I told her right out DNA test and she freaked out saying
I have no business to be in hers and I snapped on this slore saying if he wasn’t married I wouldn’t but since
I was married to him I told her that’s all my business he’s my husband and she freaked out more and
blocked us on social media and blocked his number on her broke a55 phone.

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