Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Serenity Lea Schuyler – PSYCHO BITCH

Serenity Lea Schuyler – PSYCHO BITCH

Boise Idaho. Be aware that getting close to this absolutely insane, empty sack of rotting flesh will cause you utter turmoil. Serenity Lea is the craziest bitch you’ll ever meet- but you probably won’t realize that at first. She makes herself out to be a perfect little hippie with endless love for everything and everyone on the planet- however, as you get closer, you’ll hopefully come to realize that’s only part of her grooming process.

She won’t hesitate to fuck you over the first chance she gets, whether that means manipulating your own beliefs, actions, and words or taking a child under her wing and fucking its head up for the rest of its life. She’ll steal your belongings- no matter how meaningful they are to you- and will end up selling them for her own gain only to turn around and deny the fact she took your shit to begin with. All she ever does is lie and deceive- especially to those that are closer to her, using her manipulation to try and skew your own perception of reality. She’ll empty your pockets with an even emptier promise of it being returned, as well as attempt to rob you of your dignity and self-worth as she wants to make you dependent on your friendship/relationship with her- the ultimate goal being to make you her puppet and control your life as a whole. She’s made attempts to uproot people’s lives so as to isolate them from everything they know in order to become reliant on her “friendship’ and “love”. Serenity believes she’s the most intelligent, enlightened person in the world and therefore becomes enraged if a decision is made by someone else that she even vaguely doesn’t agree with. She’ll even get close to your friends and family in hopes of exploiting her relationship with them, attempting to make your loved ones believe you’re a terrible human being as soon as something you do is not done her way- even if she did the exact thing she’s throwing a fit about last week!

She’s so obsessed with herself that she’ll do whatever it takes to make people fall in love with her- keeping you around and leading you to believe something will come of the relationship, only to break your heart by fucking someone right in front of you. BUT if you decide to fuck anyone that’s not her she’ll do anything to try to break you down and make you second-guess your very existence.
As you may have been able to predict, Sociopathic Serenity also has such a severe sex addiction that she’ll go to the lengths of fucking multiple people back-to-back, only to place blame and judgement on you for your own sexual experiences and preferences without hesitation as if she’s not the biggest whore known to man-kind! If you DON’T want to fuck her despite her advances being denied, she’ll go as far as trying to convince you SHE is in love with YOU so as to manipulate your emotions and make you fall for her twisted games. To not be absolutely infatuated with her is detrimental to this soul-less entity. Considering “consent” is something she’s negligent toward, when all previous advances are denied, she won’t hesitate to rape or molest you since this scab of a human simply cannot fathom the fact someone has the capacity to reject her. That’s right ladies and gentlemen- women can be rapists too! After that, she’ll even switch it around and tell everyone YOU raped HER simply because she LOVES the attention and needs pay-back for your refusal. On top of this, she constantly lets dudes (whether she knows them well or not) cum inside of her and loves swapping STD’s that fester in her bat cave of a pussy, consistently refraining from ever getting tested! No wonder she’s been pregnant twice within the last 6 months! As you can tell- she’s one classy bitch!

Not only has she taken a child that isn’t her’s under her wing to control, but has gotten pregnant at the ripe age of 21 just to make sure she has someone to inevitably trap in her game for as long as it’s alive. It’s absolutely terrifying knowing this psycho-bitch “mother” will be mentally (and maybe even physically) abusing these children for the rest of their lives unless she unsurprisingly happens to abandon or murder them. Her boyfriend must be really fucking dense to believe he isn’t part of her scheme, too.

The worst part about all of this is that she’s completely ignorant to the fact any of these issues linger within her. She’s got quite the ego in that cube-shaped head! If you look up signs of a sociopath, she has every single symptom in the book and no self-awareness whatsoever. Not only is she a disgusting, vile, sad excuse of a life and waste of oxygen on the inside, but she’s also a crusty, smelly, ugly fucking wart-on-the-bottom-of-your-dick looking bitch on the outside. She doesn’t even have half the ass she wants to believe she has and her witch cackle will send chills down your spine, as it’s certain to be heard in your nightmares for the rest of your life. There’s a good reason no one sticks around her for too long, and that’s either because she gave them 6 strains of genital herpes or because she completely fucked them and their life over! Either way, you’ll leave the relationship feeling like spongebob just ass-fucked your soul!
To conclude this mere summary of this sex-addicted, sociopathic cunt…

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