Meet Sera Roche (born as Serap Ozen Roche) everybody. Non of the other biatches on this forum have sh#t on her. She is the real deal. Sera Roche is originally from Brisbane but now relocated to Melbourne working as a full time slore at Manhattan Terrace Brothel. She is Turkish. Sera Roche was a medical science student from the Queensland University of Technology. She unexpectedly dropped out and vanished into the night – without a trace, in the second year. When my best friend told me this, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and thought it was a “gap year” whereby students take one year off study to gain some life experience – and that was exactly what she did….with open mouth and open legs, wide apart! Much like 7 Eleven, every hole in her body is open 24/7 for the pleasure of the public.
She first starting working as a slore in Brisbane, then Sydney and now in Melbourne. Now my best friend couldn’t fuk her, as it would be kinda awkward if one minute you are swapping lecture notes, and the next minute you are shoving your c0ck down her inviting and willing mouth. Instead, he talked a group of us into tracking down her whereabouts. It took us over 10 years with a lot of suspicion and some doubts, but one night we finally located our target.
When we found her at the Manhattan Terrace Brothel, Sera Roche introduced herself as “ANNA” from Russia. Initially, I had booked this cute little blonde girl, small waist with big titz, aged in her early 20s. I finalised all the payment and was ushered upstairs to take a quick shower. I then laid on the bed looking into the mirror admiring god’s creation – being my 9 inch jack hammer tool of the trade. When the cute little blonde girl entered the room, she took one look at my c0ck and gasped. She new it was going to be a painful session, as not only was my greek c0ck nice and thick, it also had a slight bend, which gave it extra girth. As a result, the blonde girl kindly declined the booking.
There was some commotion as I wanted my money back, and the blonde girl was happy to refund. However, the receptionist was reluctant to hand back the money given it had already exchanged hands. The receptionist mentioned that “Queen Pu55y” would be more than happy to accommodate my needs, that being “ANNA” which was Sera Roche. Now Sera roche wasn’t bad looking, but she has a funny body – small titz, short legs and a flat a55, compared to the blonde girl. However, I was assured by the receptionist that the blonde girl is nothing but a “flower on the wall” compared to Sera Roche, and that if I wanted a filthy experience, then Sera Roche is the one.
When Sera Roche entered the room, I jumped out of the king size bed, rushed towards her, before pinning her to the wall. I then playfully pulled the biatch’s hair, and with the other hand reached into her panties and rubbed her pu55y.

I rubbed her pu55y so hard, she started to moan like the slore that she is, and begged me to “fuk that Russian pu$$y, fuk it now.”
I wasn’t ready to fuk her yet, so I made her get on all four and guided her head down to below my waistline, where my hard erect c0ck was waiting. By that time of the night, saliva was drooling down her chin, and her pu55y was very moist. Her inner thighs were soaking wet, and her knees were shaking. I slowly pushed her head up and down as she wrapped her lips around my c0ck. Slowly but steadily, the pressure around my c0ck felt tighter and harder and she gorged on my manhood, first around my knob then half way down my shaft. It took her a good 10 minutes before she was able to accept the unwillingly…that being a full deep throat. To my amazement, Sera Roche has no gag reflex and was able to accept every inch of my c0ck. While this was happening, I continued to finger her pu55y, until half my hand was inside of her vag, vag.
The biatch then claimed she was too tired, and laid on the bed like a dead starfish, with her legs wide open and urged me to “fuk that Russian pu55y!” When I heard that, I was like a raging bull. I quickly put on a large condom and guided my c0ck into her inviting pu55y. Sera Roche pretended to moan louder as my thrust became deeper and faster. However, I soon realised what a slore she really is, as her pu55y was very loose. It appears she has accumulated quite a few milage on that pu55y, as it was as wide as the exhaust pipe on my Honda Prelude.
We fuked in various positions for a good half hour, and it wasn’t long before I withdrew and shot my “man seed” all over her titz and body. After that, being the professional slore that Sera Roche is, she jumped out of bed and quickly into the shower. She then ushered me to do the same, as she has to quickly prepare for her next booking. It then dawned upon me that this girl, really is soulless…as I looked into her eyes, all I could see are dollar signs. In fact, after talking to some of the other slores at the Manhattan Terrace Brothel, it appears Sera Roche can easy fuk 10+ men each night during the weekdays, and fuk 15-25+ men on a Friday or Saturday evening. She is the ultimate g#%gb^#g queen and doesn’t even need an ice pack to cool her pu55y down after each shift.
As you can tell from the above, Sera Roche isn’t the type of girl that is into chocolates and red roses, on a date. Instead, she just demands c0ck from the word “go.” She isn’t into light kisses and gentle hugs, either. She would much rather have her hair pulled, face spat on and her a$$ slapped till its red and sore.
We hear she is now married to a Chinese boy, and as they say – money $$$…I mean love, conquers all! They must have met each other in a brothel, as they seem to be a very odd couple. But as you know money can easily turn a toad into “prince charming.” Her husband looks like a poor man’s version of Sun Yang. What her husband lacks in sporting ability, he makes up with through shear corruption.
If you are calling me bullshit, consider these facts. Sera Roche:
1. Has migrate interstate to Melbourne for work;
2. Has no tertiary qualified skills (unless if you want to recognise c0ck sucking as industry based training!);
3. Is very vague about who she works for. It is always in retail or for some bullsh%t business name that nobody has ever heard of LOL;
4. Sleeps during the day time and never seems to answer her friends/family’s call as they are always diverted to voicemail; &
5. Has come into unexplained wealth, such as buying an apartment in the heart of Melbourne CBD worth approximately $1 million, if not more.

But of course, don’t just take my words for it. If you are friends/family member of Sera Roche you can test her out yourself, by playing this little game:
1. Follow this url around 2pm each day as the roster is updated, and look for the name “ANNA”

Ladies Availability

According to the other slores, “ANNA” generally starts at 6.00 pm on the allocated shift, just as the sun is setting, as there are more c0cks to suck. She doesn’t like to sit around and play with her hair or nails like most girls do, she is the biggest slore and just wants to suk and fuk, from the word go.

2. When you see Sera Roche is working on that particular shift, give her a call around 7-9 pm (make sure your number is revealed!!!). You will notice your calls are always diverted to voicemail. Or, is left unanswered. She won’t be able to reply to your call until midday/afternoon the following day, as she needs to catchup on some rest after a full night of c0cksucking. To be fair to Sera Roche, I imagine it would be difficult to take a phone call when every orifice in her body is being filled by big, massive, stiff c0cks.

Her Chinese husband must feel hard done by. Even after getting married and giving her all the money he has, Sera Roche stills wants to continue working as a slore. Either she is money hungry or just a fuking nympho. Or maybe both!?!?! You decide.
While most married couples spend Fridays and Saturday nights wining, dining and going on dates, Sera Roche is spreading her legs wide open at the Manhattan Terrace Brothel. Her chinese husband is probably staying at home playing on his Gameboy, or, still trying to master the English language. Imagine her husband trying to eat her pu55y one night, only to end up tasting another man’s kum!!!

Joke of the day:
Q. Why is a slore worth more than a drug dealer?
A. Because she can always wash her “CRACK” and resell it!

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