Expose Cheaters Online Sandy (Sandra) Baptie Sandy (Sandra) Baptie, Vancouver – Canada

Sandy (Sandra) Baptie, Vancouver – Canada

this girl put acid in my drink in my own home and completely denied it. She acted like the victim and left me tripping balls for 12 hours, which scarred me for life. Nobody believed me, but her and I both know she did it. She even started touching me sexually after I took a few sips and started feeling weird (I had never done acid nor will I ever). She didn’t even act concerned for what I was feeling and I asked her calmly so I can at least manage it and not trip out because i was so scared. She twisted the whole thing and acted like I was lying. Justice is never served in these situations and it’s so sad! The person who is assaulted ends up staying quiet and has to suffer. This girl is now practicing as a pharmacist now! People need to know the truth because if she is capable of doing such things, it’s scary what she could do with people’s health on the line…

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