Robert Parry – Cheater

Robert Parry is a special agent with HSI and had an affair with a student while assigned to the Federal Training Center in Georgia.

I read the 10k plus messages between him and his lover. He states tells women that he was dumb and married a woman with 2 kids by 2 men who spent his inheritance to get pity. Then says he was forced to stay married or get cut from the family business, then had to stay married because they had a child, and now stays married because they are in too much debt to leave.

He disrespects his wife Lesa Parry bu telling his lover that his wife is unattractive and can’t turn him on with anything less than a hand job and he has sex with his wife because he needs a “warm place to put his dick”.

He had an affair 15 years ago with a bank teller and who knows how many other women are out there.

Lesa Parry knows about all of it and chooses to live in denial, all other women need to beware of this man!!

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