Robert McPherson

Robert McPherson of Pompey is a bad hombre. He has been found guilty of at least one DWI and has continued to drink. Although, this left him nearly bankrupt. When he was in his mid 20’s he was meeting girls from MySpace who were as young at 14. He picked up another tween in Pompey, again when he was in his mid 20’s. Robert has never been faithful in a relationship. Serious psychological problems with this one.

His current victim is miss Kayla Lader, who has proven to be quite the dumb bitch. Kayla is 21 years old. Bob is 32. Not the 14 year old that he usually goes for but she’ll be good enough for now. I guess. He is a disgusting pig. Kayla was informed of his behavior past and present. Her staying with him she deserves every heartache that’s coming.

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