Expose Cheaters Online Uncategorized RAMSES X ROSA PUERTO RICO


Married since 2008 to the same woman. She lives in Puerto Rico after he screwed her best friend, he travels back and forth to Honolulu and his current girlfriend/s. Works for ocean safety Honolulu and chases after tourists on the beach. WhatsApp 808-722-4700. Dates several women simultaneously, spreads herpes. Says he is a bachelor and will end up alone, when he is actually married and waiting for his wife to take him back after his last fuck up, one of many. Tells his current Honolulu squeeze that he has to travel to Puerto Rico for property maintenance when he visits his wife. Lies and says he got their marriage annuled and that she is his ex- wife and lives in San Diego with her new fiance José. When he gets caught in the lie he says they only remain married so she can get her green card, which she apparently did get already…

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