Expose Cheaters Online Uncategorized RAMSES X ROSA HONOLULU HAWAII- PUERTO RICO


57 year old puerto rican who lives in waikiki. married for over a decade to the same woman who lives in puerto rico, she moved there after he screwed her best friend in waikiki. sends pics of his **** to his wifes girlfriends. spreads herpes!! everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. says he is a bachelor and that his current wife is his friend only, and that he got their marriage annuled. when he gets caught in the lie he says they remain married only so she can get a green card. doesn’t wear a wedding band, and dates several women in honolulu simultaneously. travels to see wife in puerto rico once every two months, tells his girlfriend/s in honolulu that he must do “property maintenance” in puerto rico. lies about that he graduated college in san diego, that he traveled the world, that he loves animals…

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