Expose Cheaters Online Uncategorized RAMSES ROSA HONOLULU (808)722-4700


Biggest whore and scammer in Honolulu. 57 year old puerto rican who lies about everything in his pathetic life. Married since 2008 to the same woman, she moved to puerto rico where he is from after he screwed her best friend in waikiki. she depends on him for her visa status in the US. he travels between his multiple girlfriends in honolulu and his wife in puerto rico. chases after women on tinder, will say and do whatever to get laid. says he is a gentleman and a bachelor, spreads herpes!! lies about his name, his age, says that he got his current mariage to his current wife annuled, that she lives in san diego and is his friend only, that he is from spain when he is puerto rican only, that he graduated college when he can’t spell the most simple English words, uneducated.

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