Expose Cheaters Online Rachel Ellinger Rachel Ellinger, Baltimore – Maryland

Rachel Ellinger, Baltimore – Maryland

The woman pictured here is one the most annoying people in the Baltimore area. Her name is Rachel Ellinger, the one on the left. A couple of years ago, she was part of the fake a55, uglier than homemade sin Bombshell Models. Oh God they was ugly as hell, including that slant-eyed Korean g*** Angie C. OMG she thought she was hott stuff when she look like a skinny little boy. Her nose look like an uncircumcised phallus. Anyway, she love talk crap about people behind their back. When she was dating that steroid addict Gaetano Averella, she was sleeping with his homeboys Wayne Craig and Jason “Chachi McFly” McDaniel. She is a slore for real. She slept with all the security guards at Power Plant Live, did Nino Sylvia when he was dating her so-called best friend Leanna Murphy, and slept with Alex Pratz’s husband on their wedding night. She is not a good friends to have. She has gotten peopled locked up, ppeople have gotten fired because of her, lied and said that men raped her, and got a Hispanic man evicted from her apartment complex BC he didn’t want her. But she is a secret drug dealer and is a teacher in the Howard County Public School system. She used to work at the Huxley in Washington, DC, and was fired for sleeping with co-workers boyfriend, including the woman in the pic with her. She is allegedly running a drug ring at the school shhe works at, (she is a teacher for a living), and was allegedly caught putting pepsi and meth in the batter for cookies to make for the kids. The police need to investigate this woman for real. Stay away from this ugly a55, need to eat a hamburger eating witch.

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