Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters PENNY THOMAS SAGO


Please be warned of this gold digging , home wrecking , thief of a whore. Penny has also been a cheater and sleeps with a lot of men. She was married at the age of 17 and while her husband Eric was at work she entertained multiple men. She popped out 3 kids by age 18. When he had enough of her slutty ways he filed for divorce. But Penny told everyone he was the one that cheated, but it was all her. She the got a job at a bank and stoled money repeatedly until she was let go. The an acquaintance got her a job at BridgePoint electric. She worked in the office and was given a credit card for work purposes only. But that didn’t stop her from using it for her personal gain along with a turnpike pass. Shortly after She was fired for calling in sick repeatedly. She then started to hit up multiple men in hopes they’d help her out financially.with no luck she started talking to a married man of 25 years who was having mental health issues. Not caring he had a family or what it would do to them, she manipulated him by asking him to move in with her after only asking to him a week. Once he got there he couldn’t believe what a pig sty her house was. He then found out that she was addicted to pain pills. And popped them like candy. The first night he was there she tried to seduce him by walking around naked and the very next day woke up grabbed his junk and hopped on without using any protection . Over The next few weeks she scammed him out of 6 grand.PLEASE BE WARNED OF PENNY THOMAS SAGO . SHE IS A GOLD DIGGING WHORE WITH AN STD. SHE WILL DRAIN YOU FINANCIALLY, MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY. 918-260-6884

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