Paul Ray Ramsey

Paul Ray Ramsey, otherwise known as “RamZPaul” on YouTube is a lying, cheating sociopath. He is an anti-gay misogynist. Paul is also anti-liberal and anti-diversity. This creepy old man lives in Oklahoma with his wife of over 30 years. Paul Ramsey is not only a liar and a cheater, but he’s also a deadbeat. He has been unemployed for over 10 years. Paul visits Europe often for long periods of time and has been known to have affairs, behind his wife’s back. He tells other women that he’s divorced/single, which is not true, at all. His wife had finally had enough of his lies. She grew tired of his cheating and could no longer tolerate him being a lazy, unemployed, worthless scumbag! It bothered her so much that she filed for separation. Paul is 55 years old, and he’s still legally married. He still lives at home with his wife, so don’t believe any of his lies. Paul Ramsey is a pro-rape Nazi and he hates feminists, so watch out!

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