Nicole Lavigne — Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Facebook world I’m warning you of this mentally ill home wrecking bitch that will go out of her way to pursue your man ..attention seeking whore had to been asked repeatedly to stop sending friends requests to my husband after been deleted off his Facebook..I don’t know what the deal is with this tramp but…(Continue Reading)

Michelle Festa aka Michelle Castrello — Portland, Maine

This 40 ish junkie trailer trash home wrecker fucked my husband and had the audacity to text my phone and children’s phone to announce it ..and went as far as sending threatening messages to my children’s phone I shared with him..tried getting custody of my children by forging court papers..and got my husband hooked on…(Continue Reading)

Shyanna Harrison — Hartford, Connecticut

A homewrecker always look innocent but buyer beware. This girls is the definition of a wrecker even considered a whore. Not only did this girl have sex with two brothers the same night. But gave oral sex to a third one all who have girlfriends. She even attempts to become friends with the girlfriends to…(Continue Reading)

Kristy Lynette Stone Hendren — North Wilkesboro, North Carolina

This married woman Kristy Lynette Stone Hendren worked at a local High School. She decided to use school resources to find out information about parents of the students. She talked to and flirted with my husband every time that he went in concerning my kids. Most calls came from her saying that something was needed…(Continue Reading)