Nick Romine

This is Nick Romine. He is a paramedic working for airevac in Sierra Vista. He lives in Benson, but has girlfriends in both towns and in Tucson. A couple of them work with him at airevac. He is smooth and lies about everything! He drives a nice car, has a nice house, a good career, and pretends to be a great dad. He cheated repeatedly on his wife, but that finally ended after it was found out that he had been with one of his girlfriends for 3 years and lying to her about his marriage. He tells girls exactly what they want to hear and usually says he is falling in love with them early in. These are just words to get yet another piece of ass. Even IF you’ve met his family, you are not the only one. He will try to convince you that it is all gossip and rumors, but it isnt. Ask around. He is a serial cheater! There is a reason he is ALWAYS on his phone and that it has a privacy screen so you can’t see what he is up to. Dont be an idiot and fall for this STD with a small dick! You have been warned.

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