Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Nick Romine (Airevac/Paramedic) Tucson, Benson and Sierra Vista Arizona

Nick Romine (Airevac/Paramedic) Tucson, Benson and Sierra Vista Arizona

Nick is a compulsive liar and serial cheater. He is smooth and has a way of making women trust him. He will tell you things you want to hear including that he is in love with you, just to get a piece of ass. He puts up a good front. He has nice cars, great job, nice house and acts like he is a super dad, but it is all part of making you think you’ve found a great guy. You didn’t and you will never be the only one. He was married for over 20yrs and cheated constantly with more than one woman at a time. His wife found out about a 3yr affair with a woman where he was living a double life and lying to the other woman about his marriage. All of this while still sleeping with girls he met in hospitals and ambulance jobs. He is working as airevac/paramedic and is sleeping with a couple girls from work and some he met on dating apps or within the medical field. Even IF you meet his family, you’re not the only one. There is a reason he has a privacy screen on his phone so you cant see what he is doing while he is always on his phone. There is a reason he never let’s his phone out of his sight. All you will catch is an STD with a small dick and look like another fool. He will tell you that all of it is rumors or gossip but it is ALL true. Ask around. You’ve been warned.

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