Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Nicholas Adam Goodwin

Nicholas Adam Goodwin

Nicholas Goodwin is 26 years old and currently resides in Irvine California. He’s married to Donna Rodriguez who is a transgendered male to female who apparently still hasn’t undergone surgery for their genitalia. It is still unknown what genitals he/she has. He constantly engages in sexual encounters with underage girls as young as 15. He’s literally eaten a girl out in the middle of the street of Culver Dr. Most recently he’s been bragging to his friends about cheating on his wife and sleeping with his homies girls. His main side chick is a 16-year-old girl named McKenna. He has constantly made bad decisions and didn’t even graduate from Irvine High. Irvine PD has been notified and there’s supposedly a warrant out for his arrest. The most recent case was him being caught at Woodbridge High School by Campus Security with an underage girl having s*x with her at his vehicle which is a red Nissan. He has taken advantage of girls including dragging them up and giving them alcohol especially since they’re underage. If you’ve slept with this dude, make sure to get checked. His wife needs to as well.

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