Nathan Allen Howell – Nevada

So I met Nate Howell almost four years ago and got swept off my feet right away and even when I had landed back on the ground I managed to ignore or chose to not see certain potential signs of cheating and abuse. For instance he was that stereotypical over possessive control freak who had to know exactly where I was and who I was with and have me literally send him selfies so he knew I was telling the truth. He was constantly paranoid that I was seeing someone else (even though I wasnt) and when we fought he’d call me names like dirty w**** and s***. Well I had finally had enough this summer and stopped talking to him. We lived apart because of his abusive tendencies and also because he went to Iowa for a little while to take care of his heroin addiction except he lied about that too. Anyway after awhile he started blowing up my phone with messages saying he was sorry and he wanted to make everything right. This wasn’t new behavior, he always did this. Picked fights with me pushed me away then after a couple weeks came crawling back. Well in one of these messages he was saying well if u aren’t going to forgive me at least I have options and sent me a screenshot of texts he had with another girl and also her picture. Well the dumbass that he is, he didn’t realize he sent me her number in the screenshot and so I contacted her. Upon talking I found out he had gone on tinder back in January and started seeing her back when we were very much still together. And then I showed her all the emails and messages he had sent me while seeing her as well saying he loved me and he wanted to get back with me. Well we both confronted him together and he denied everything to her said I was crazy and acted like I made the whole thing up!!! At first she said she didn’t believe him but the next day they sent me of pic of them in bed together and I just have to say that they r both scum and deserve each other. She might’ve not known at the time that he was married to me but since finding out and then still choosing to go back to him is why women call other women w**** and s***. Anyway I hope this post warns others as he is definitely not going to stay faithful to her either lol. It doesn’t look too good that he saved her number as “Sean”

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