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Mimi Lulgjuraj Mimi Lulgjuraj

More to come!!!
Richard rollins was the old married man she made s*x videos with for her ugly green Chanel backpack and ghetto Chanel earrings. The guy is married and his wife lives in another country. Shall I post the nasty s*x videos you two made together and all of the screenshots between the two of you, you dirty floozy? Or do you want to be a good little girl and have one of your sugar daddies pay to remove this post before I submit one that makes these other’s girls post look like child’s play? You won’t win this Mimi. I warned you to keep your mouth shut and quit spreading lies about me at other women’s businesses but you couldn’t do it. Don’t forget I have photos and screenshots of you with that 78 year old Jewish man you were s******g in the Hamptons that had to use a p***s pump and sent you money afterwards for s*x. You got used and played by a man who was almost 80 and cried because he wanted to date a 60 year old woman instead of you!!! You tried to make me look bad and you should hear what these women you talked about me to say about you to me lmao. No one likes you “Mimi Lang”. You don’t have a single friend and that’s why you keep getting posted on here and all of your IG posts are laughed at in everyone’s DM’s. You talked s**t about Gjustina and Tiki and all of these women who are your own FAMILY and actually have their s**t together, college degrees and good men who love them. You harass people from fake numbers and start soooo much s**t between people. You are traaasssshhh and everyone knows it. Oh and here’s a real photo of Mimi Lulgjuraj in case everyone wanted to see what she really looks like! No wonder she’s this way, she was hit with the ugly stick!

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