Expose Cheaters Online Uncategorized Michael Roth-Stalking Women in Portland

Michael Roth-Stalking Women in Portland

Michael lives in Salem, Oregon. He has two kids and he states he is divorced. He is a broker for Roth Trading & Consulting in Salem. He pays floozys for sex online on a regular basis, does not wear condoms, and wears just a velcro towel when he answers his door. This man likes to harass and blackmail women. He likes to meet women online, treat them bad then he harasses nonstop. He consistently makes new profiles with fake names and deletes them after sending a harassment or threat. This information is true. Women, please stay away from him!

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  1. Tammy Hash says:

    He has a huge c**k. He owned me in the bedroom. He would pump me so hard, I couldn’t walk for a week. 🙂

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