Expose Cheaters Online Melissa Delgado Hamilton Melissa Delgado Hamilton — Washington, D.C.

Melissa Delgado Hamilton — Washington, D.C.

She’s was my promiscuous neighbor that acted like she was my friend, but had my husband come to her house & had sex with him right in front of her kids only 6 houses down the street. She was the girl’s youth leader of her Mormon church at the time. She would give my husband blow jobs in the Albertsons parking lot 2 miles from our home. She also tried to get pregnant & repeatedly asked my husband to leave me. She would send my husband threatening texts everytime he would try to end it & she would send him texts saying “the door is unlocked” & “I only have your t-shirt on.” She’s a monster & used to go on walks with me to gain information. I hope she burns in hell. She used to live in McKinney, Texas, but after I exposed her, her husband moved them to the D.C. area. She tries to act like she’s a good Mormon, but she’s a home wrecker Watch out! She also bragged that she potty trained her poor children by rubbing poop in their faces. She’s a terrible person!

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