Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Mark Raymond Thek — Rolling Hills, California

Mark Raymond Thek — Rolling Hills, California

Who is Mark Thek. Besides all he post of himself on the internet. He is a fake man of no integrity or morals. He lies cheats passes on std abuses embellish pretends mimics gaslights love bombs uses people has love triangles keeps secrets makes promises he doesn’t keep on dating sites to prey on women of his victims to experiment with sexual maybe men too ? he mentally messed with your mind and emotions he loves you Oh your so sexy one day with pet names Then you are nothing to me, just some f**k I met on craiglist. He does this over and over to women over 15 years. He has sexually been with college girls, old ladies ( He use to go to a cougar bar I met him there once for a hook up next door at the motel ) skinny, fat, black, US, Hispanic, sexy women, Asian white chicks and the list goes on. Hmmmmm oh Lisa why did you let him go there so often. AS you know he didn’t sleep next door he ***ked many of us. Oh and lets not forget Paris. How he would bring up having us meet him in Paris on his business trips. He went alone on his trips, missing us. Send us photos from China Paris and other trips he went with on with his son. Also, excuses all the time using his son. Oh I had to take my son and his friend on a trip or I had to go to a water polo game in San Diego or take my son skiing with his friends..Well well well all those photos he sent us traveling Were taken by his stupid girlfriend Lisa. Lisa if you could not feed Marks sexual appetite why do you get upset with us if we contact you. Since 2001 he cheated on you. He went to cry to you to tell him, and you have no balls so you keep him and he walks all over you. AS long as you get the goodies. How **king dare you Lisa Glazer allow this man to abuse women for years. WHAT we know is he is a NARCISSIST. He feeds of of us his ADDICTION OF using Us women. SHAME ON YOU LISA GLAZER. AS I GOT STD FROM HIM. I am sure you did too. To all Mark Thek Victims SPEAK UP he used you, oh he was so nice, he ***ked you so good, he was so sweet texting me all the time. To you and about 20 other women at the same time. None of us are special and he keeps Lisa as she gives him a way to live a normal life that is NOT of who he really is, She protects him.

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