Mark L. Smith — Los Angeles, California

I have dated this scum bag for 3 years. If you hire him and he loses your case you better pay or you will end up on sites like these so he can blackmail you into paying him. I know everything about this mother fucker and LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS!!! He is a lying scumbag. He has been caught several times cheating. His cal is that he has train problems. When in fact he is out with another woman. He preys on women who are lonely and he keeps the carrot at the end of the string to keep you, right where he wants you. The most he will buy you is dinner. This dinner usually consists of the dollar menu at Mc Donalds. Up to the limit of $3.00 per woman he is messing with, and believe me honey you are not the only beautiful lady is this piece of shits life. So don’t expect anything more. When it comes to the holidays he will ignore you. THIS MAN CAN NOT GET THE OL’ WILLY WORKING EITHER! So, ladies, it will be great for the first 6 weeks and then he is on to someone else. So you say what does this maggot do for a living…..I’ll tell you! He is a LIAR, oops I mean lawyer and to this day I am wondering how the hell he passed the bar. At dinner at Mc Donalds, he couldn’t stop laughing and talking about the clients he has swindled. Charging outrageously for representation on OVI. For example $10,000 for an OVI. He sues innocent people to fund his lust for sluts and whores and he frequents the local strip joints. I dropped my lighter in his car once and when I went to go look for it I found 3 hustler magazines 1986 edition CHICKS WITH DICKS. Thanks to for letting us post this report. I asked him why so many. He told me that it was his favorite edition and was hard to find and didn’t want to wear out the pages. He is also a lawyer that rips off clients. Please remember and this is important. If you feel that he is the right attorney to represent you and your situation HOLD ONTO YOUR WALLET OR PURSE AND GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING. You do not want to be the next victim to his sick perverted ways and lawyer statics. HE WILL RIP YOU OFF IN A MATTER OF SECONDS. THIS MAN CAN NOT BE TRUSTED. DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO INTERNET PORN SITES OR SLANDER SITES. You will be added before you leave his office. Also, never be in the same room alone with him he will offer you McDonalds menu for dinner while you take a ride in his car and come across his chick dick mags. GOOD LUCK!!!

Mark L. Smith
Main: (213) 418-2390
Direct: (213) 418-2391
[email protected]
500 South Grand Avenue,
Suite 1450
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Fax: (213) 418-2399

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