Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Lying Lacey Howell aka Lacey Cummins the cheating narcissist

Lying Lacey Howell aka Lacey Cummins the cheating narcissist

Lacey Howell aka Lacey Cummins, originally from Lufkin TX deceived, betrayed, lied to, stole from, misled and cheated on her fiance for 15 months, with a convicted felon lesbian methhead waitress named Kimberly “Kimma” Barron in Boerne TX.

Lacey intentionally misled her fiance, who had no idea of what she was doing behind his back, and on the evening of July 19th, 2019 after telling him that he was her world, her everything, that she loved him so much, and that she couldn’t be happier at that very moment, she waited for him to fall asleep and crawled out of the home he had bought for the two of them to begin their new life together, leaving him to wake up to a text message 25 minutes later.

After he had discovered what she’d been doing, he downloaded every single piece of communication that had been received or sent from the iPhone he was paying for (and she still has not reimbursed him for), and over 3000 pages of email, text, Facebook, and other social media messaging apps that were saved on the Verizon cloud, he was able to learn everything from who she had really attended a Nascar event with, to the Freezerburn 2019 tickets she’d lied about that he paid for, to the numerous times that she was staying in Spring Branch, TX with her meth dealer Sarah Mangham the former mayor of Buda TX that was forced to resign, and having group sex with Sarah, her degenerate boyfriend Ray, and numerous other social parasites.

Lacey was also trolling for girls on her own, including a bull dyke in Louisiana, and last known was Ophelia, whom she picked up at the Rustic Bar and Restaurant at the Rim shopping area, and had sex with in the back of her fiance’s pickup truck. Later that same day, Lacey was back at Sarah Mangham’s having sex, high on meth with both Sarah and Ray together.

Lacey showed no remorse, hesitation, consideration or empathy for her fiance, lying to him daily. Every time she said that she was driving to Lufkin to visit her family, she actually never made it more than 30 miles away to Boerne, where she would hide her white 2014 Honda Civic behind one of the various restaurants, and engage in sexual activities and illicit drug use with Kimma Barron. Lacey had begun keeping clothes at Kimma’s and was literally living a double life.

In 2018, her fiance suffered a very serious 2nd degree burns to his right arm and leg while working on the property. He spent nearly 2 weeks at the Ft. Sam Burn Unit, overcoming sepsis and narrowly avoiding skin grafts. During this entire time, Lacey managed to visit her severely burned fiance only 2 times, and wasn’t able to pick him up upon discharge.

The fiance later discovered that Lacey and Kimma had spent much of that time, playing house, indulging in sexual activities and illicit drugs and heavy drinking while he was in the hospital.

In early 2019, Lacey began a smear campaign against her fiance lying to her friends and family, making outrageous allegations that were more closely descriptive of her own behaviors and decisions and attacked his integrity, sexuality, mental health, and described him as a narcissist, which is much more close to her own personality with her choices and decisions to engage in deviant, sexually degenerate, criminal behavior along side of Kimma Barron.

All the while, Lacey was openly discussing the possibility of having a baby with him, of starting a cabin and breakfast business, and of her upcoming marriage to him the fall of 2020.

Instead, Lacey destroyed her fiance’s career, mental health, emotional health and attacked him with the filing of a false police report for harassment, ironically the very same day that she went to his place of employment and asked him to lunch to discuss her coming home and reconciliation.

An investigation proved that not one claim of the false police report had any merit or credibility to support it, and that at least one email provided to the police was manufactured by either one or both Lacey and Kimma. This was dismissed although the act of manufacturing false evidence to support a fraudulent police report is a second degree felony. The Boerne Police actually refused to pursue the matter any further.

One week later, a hoax phone call was made to the fiance’s employer, by a female portaying herself as a member of the San Antonio Police Department, and stating that an officer would be coming to pick up the fiance’s work laptop as he was being investigated for child pornography. Within the hour, while on his way home, the fiance learned that his $90,000 per year contract had been terminated with no explanation or recourse available.

He would not find out what had happened until the following February. Ironically, the same burner cell phone number was used to contact the sheriff’s department on Christmas night, and a female claimed that she had been in an internet chat room with the fiance and he was planning to shoot himself that night and had been up for days using meth.

Four sheriff’s deputies stormed his house that night with automatic weapons while he was reading a book, and of course found no firearms or meth, and discovered that he had not even been online with anyone that evening.

The call was traced to the same burned phone number, purchased at Wal-Mart in Boerne with cash, by a female that closely resembles Kimma Barron. No further evidence was able to be found or connected to the either of the two social parasites.

Numerous online postings were also made using a series of mirrored email accounts with derogatory messages sent to the two deviants themselves and their families, appearing to have been created and posted by the fiance. However, he had changed his email addresses many months earlier, and could not have possibly posted any of the fraudulent postings.

The harassment by Lacey’s degenerate girlfriend continues to this day, while Lacey apparently claims no knowledge of any of these disgusting acts.

As of today, the fiance has been diagnosed with severe depression, uncontrollable Complex PTSD, severe anxiety disorder, chronic insomnia, severe somatic symptoms including horrendous nightmares, short term memory loss, loss of concentration and focus, has not been able to sleep in his own bed since July 19th 2019, and will most likely never be able recover from the severe emotional and psychological damage, is not expected to ever be able to hold a professional role in his chosen profession ever again, all of which is a direct result of the intentional, calculated, selfish, and cruel destruction inflicted by Lacey Howell aka Lacey Cummins, and Kimberly “Kimma” Barron.

These two are much more than home wreckers, they are destroyers of life, subhuman social parasites and two of the most cruel, vile, disgusting degenerate warts of society to walk among normal people.

They currently reside together in Boerne TX, working at the Cyprus Grille on Main Street and Valeria’s Italian Restaurant in Boerne.

Be very cautious and aware of these two pathological liars, covert malignant narcissists, and outright criminal heathens who are skilled manipulators and extremely adept at portraying themselves as the victims of the very activities that they have been so very intentionally orchestrated.