Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Lufkin’s Biggest Lying Cheating Ho? Meet Lacey Daniele Cummins!

Lufkin’s Biggest Lying Cheating Ho? Meet Lacey Daniele Cummins!

This is what Lacey Howell aka Lacey Cummins doesn’t want anyone else to ever see or know about, her ex-fiance’s side of the story, the truth.

Lacey has made certain that her fiance was unable to defend himself, share anything that undermined her narrative, as this alone is what allowed her to leave him for quite literally, the bottom of the sewer, a disgusting, vile, sociopathic convicted felon, known meth-head, Kim Barron, a lesbian waitress employed by the Cypress Grille in Boerne TX.

As a covert narcissist, Lacey must control the narrative at all times, allowing herself to be viewed upon only as the victim of what she actually created and orchestrated.

Lacey Howell aka Lacey Cummins doesn’t want anyone to know that she is a pathological liar as evidenced by not only every single piece of communication for the 15 month period, but by her very own admission of this horrific crime to her fiance’s face in August, 2019.

Lacey lied to everyone, including her own family and friends and they unfortunately just don’t or want to accept it, and that’s exactly what she wants.  

Here’s the truth.

Lacey Cummins also known as Lacey Howell, originally from Lufkin TX, did deceive, betray, lied to, stole from, misled and cheated upon her fiance for 15 months, with a convicted felon lesbian methhead waitress named Kimberly “Kimma” Barron in Boerne TX.

Documentation including telephone bills corresponding directly to pictures taken unknowingly at various moments that indicate the date and time capturing Lacey actually texting and the actual emails, text messages, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram and others provide the very words that Lacey, Kimma, Jody, her father, her sisters, her meth dealer Sarah Mangham, and many, many others who actually assisted Lacey in committing adultery, deception, fraud and in intentionally and maliciously destroying a man’s mental health, career, prospects for a future, finances, his ability to simply sleep and concentrate, all because he loved her with all his heart, bought her a home in the hill country, trusted her unconditionally, and only asked that she not lie or cheat upon him. And she simply just couldn’t not do those two things.

Lacey intentionally misled her fiance, who had no idea of what she was doing behind his back as he was working full time to pay for the home he had bought them, their upcoming wedding, honeymoon and a surprise wedding present, a brand new Chevy 4X4 pickup complete with personalized license plates

On the  evening of July 19th, 2019 after telling him that he was her entire world, her everything, that she loved him so much, and that she really couldn’t be happier at that very moment, she waited for him to fall asleep and then like a cowardly rat, she crawled out of the home that was supposed to be where they began their new life together, and left him with nothing but a text message that he woke up to not even 25 minutes later.

That weekend as everything began to collapse around him, he discovered that his single greatest fear had been realized, and he began to retrieve and download every single piece of communication that had ever been received or sent from the iPhone and her account that he was paying for.

As of February 2020, over 3000 pages of email, text, Facebook, and numerous other social media messaging apps that were saved on the Verizon cloud, he was able to learn literally everything, from who she had really attended a Nascar event with, to what had really happened to the Freezerburn 2019 tickets she’d lied about that he paid for, to the numerous times that she had spent several days at a time in Spring Branch, TX with her meth dealer Sarah Mangham the disgraced former mayor of Buda TX who had been forced to resign, engaging in various group sex with Sarah, her degenerate boyfriend Ray, and numerous other social parasites.

Unfortunately, there was so much, much more. Lacey was also trolling for girls on her own, from a bull dyke in Louisiana in the fall of 2017 all the way through to the last known pickup being known only as Ophelia, who she picked up at the Rustic Bar and Restaurant at The Rim shopping area, and had sex with in the back seat of her fiance’s pickup truck.

Later that very same day, Lacey was at Sarah Mangham’s getting high on meth with both Sarah and Ray and having sex with them together.

Lacey still hasn’t shown any remorse, hesitation, consideration or empathy for her fiance, lying to him daily  as easily as one might breathe fresh air.

Through her own words and those of her lowlife friends and family, he would learn that every time she had said she was driving 6 hours to Lufkin to visit her family, she actually never made it more than 30 miles, stopping in Boerne, where as arranged with Kimma, she would hide her white 2014 Honda Civic behind one of the various restaurants, and spend the next several days engaging in sexual activity, heavy drinking and illicit drug use with Kimma Barron and others.

Lacey began keeping clothes at Kimma’s, neatly folded in the drawers and hanging in the closet. Clothes that her fiance had paid for, and she was literally living a double life without his knowledge.
In the fall of 2018, her fiance was seriously injured while working on their property, suffering 2nd degree burns to his right arm and leg. He spent nearly 2 weeks at the Ft. Sam Burn Unit, fighting infection, overcoming sepsis and narrowly avoiding skin grafts.

Not surprisingly, Lacey only managed to visit her severely injured and burned fiance twice for less than 30 minutes each time, and upon his discharge she wasn’t even able show up to take him home.

As he would learn, Lacey and Kimma had spent much of that time, playing house in his home, in his bed, with a person he had specifically requested to not ever allow on the property. While he was laying hospitalized in excruciating pain, the two of them were indulging in drinking, illicit drugs including meth and sex in his very own home.

In early 2019, at the urging of the increasingly demanding and controlling Kimma, Lacey began what is known as a smear campaign against her fiance.  

At this specific moment and point in time, Lacey literally became the very worst enemy her fiance could have ever dreamed of sleeping alongside of. She was supposed to be his lover, best friend, equal, supporter and spouse, and she was anything but, and instead chose to become his executioner.

She began sharing small insignificant pieces of false information to various family members, lying to her friends and family, eventually making outrageous allegations that were much more closely if not outright highly accurately descriptive of her own actual sexual behaviors and activities.  

This created a psychological devaluation, where it became more palatable for her family to accept Lacey leaving him out of false stories of fear and safety, rather than leaving him for a convicted felon and known criminal degenerate lesbian waitress who would never be able to provide the opportunities and security that her well educated and degreed business professional could.

As rehearsed and planned so many times before, Lacey’s family and friends, many of whom had never met her fiance, bought her propaganda, bullshit allegations and blatant lies without hesitation, while her fiance unknowingly was being sacrificed.

Lacey attacked his integrity, sexuality, mental health, and began describing him as a controlling narcissist where as only months earlier she had openly bragged to anyone who would listen of how quick he was to lend a helping hand to an elderly person or a stranded motorist.  

In reality, the description of a covert narcissist was much closer to Lacey’s overall behavior, including the love-bombing she lavished upon him, to the extremely subtle discarding and gas lighting that she began very shortly after meeting and beginning her affair with Kimma, who appears to have become the surrogate mother that Lacey described as abandoning her and her sister when she left her father and ultimately dying as a drug addicted lot lizard in 2017, according to Lacey.

Lacey’s own behavior, including her random anonymous sexual interactions with other girls was already well established, as she had admitted to her fiance her bisexuality and her promiscuity in the past with other girls before she had walked up to him March 2nd, 2017,  high and “nearly tripping her ass off”  on meth and alka-seltzer shots supposedly prepared by another friend of hers, a sexual deviant named Ginger Potter, a well known meth addict and suspected prostitute by the local authorities.  

When her fiance shared of an interest in the swinging lifestyle, Lacey was all too eager to quickly indulge in pursuing the alternative lifestyle, gladly joining in a membership to the Player’s Club in San Antonio. She would happily engage in various sexual activities with numerous men and women, her only complaint appearing to be that she didn’t have enough different sexy outfits to wear.

She had often shared of a dream of operating a bed and breakfast, catering to those in the lesbian and other alternative lifestyles, and on several instances spoke of wanting to include a second girl, known as a “unicorn” into their relationship with whom she could freely enjoy girl on girl play at her convenience whenever her “bitch itch” became “all fired up and needing a scratching…”  

However, at the same time Lacey stated that any future one on one relationship with another woman would never happen again, that those kinds of relationships were all in the past, that girls according to her were way too crazy and she’d never pursue that path ever again and that she was content and happy to simply become his wife.

These statements however, easily conflict with Lacey’s own increasingly sexual deviant and often criminal behavior alongside of Kimma Barron, especially when read in her own words from her supposedly confidential messages to Kimma during the 15 month period they snuck around together, with Lacey blatantly lying to her fiance and Kimma reportedly using a GPS tracking app to warn them of the fiance’s approaching too close, given they actually came within 10 to 15 minutes of being discovered early on in their affair. (evidence of a GPS tracking application in operation was discovered through diagnostics on the fiance’s cell phone, February 2020)

While Lacey was openly appealing to her fiance to discuss the possibility of having a baby with him, of starting a cabin and breakfast business, and of her upcoming marriage to him the fall of 2020, Lacey in reality according to her own words recovered from various social media apps she had believed were unable to be retrieved, was in fact “loving every moment with you (Kimma) chasing girl tail like a dogs in heat on a rabbit…” and that she enjoyed with out any hesitation of “being on the bottom of a big ol tittie pile and and licking and sucking her way to the top…”

Lacey played the innocent victim role she’s become entirely accustomed to in almost every one of her past relationships, accepting no blame, responsibility or accountability whatsoever for what was almost highhandedly and entirely caused by the choices, decisions and behaviors made by her, and by her alone.

Lacey for lack of another better description, unleashed Kimma to lead the attack that all but destroyed her fiance’s career, mental health, emotional and psychological health, attacking him with the filing of a false police report for harassment, the very same day that she went to his place of employment and asked him to lunch to discuss her coming home and reconciliation.

An investigation proved that not one claim of the false police report had any merit or credibility to support it, and that at least one email provided to the police was manufactured by either one or both Lacey and Kimma.

This was dismissed although the act of manufacturing false evidence to support a fraudulent police report is a second degree felony. Surprisingly, the Boerne Police actually refused to pursue the matter any further, with many thinking that the police  simply did not want to be seen as “picking on a couple of lesbians just because they had vaginas” and not wanting to draw the wrath and ire of the local gay community.

One week later, a hoax phone call was made to the fiance’s employer, by a female portraying herself as a member of the San Antonio Police Department, and stating that an officer would be coming to pick up the fiance’s work laptop as he was being investigated for child pornography. Within the hour, while on his way home, the fiance learned that his $90,000 per year contract had been terminated without any explanation or recourse available. It would be the following February before he would learn of the truth, and was devastated to learn of such a malicious, disgusting hateful lie was somehow tied to him without any bearing or malice intended.

Between October 2 and January 3, as a direct result of the narcissistic abuse, emotional and psychological destruction and the loss of his employment contract, along with fiance overnight becoming complete stranger and outright enemy to him, Lacey’s fiance who was already dealing with relentless, depression and stress, began to endure far greater and much more serious health issues.  

These included increased short term memory loss, a total loss of concentration, an inability to focus,  all loss of attention to detail, self worth, self esteem, he also began suffering uncontrollable emotional breakdowns making it almost impossible to function daily. As a result, he attempted to end his own over twenty times, nearly succeeding 4 times with life flights from his home to San Antonio, where he would regain consciousness not aware of what his subconsciousness was pushing him towards.

Ironically on the evening of December 25th,  it was the very same burner phone and number previously used as before to contact the sheriff’s department on that Christmas night with yet another hoax phone call and the same voice. A female claimed that she had been in an internet chat room with the fiance and he stated that he was planning to shoot himself that night and had been up for days using meth.

Four sheriff’s deputies stormed his house that night with assault weapons while he was reading a book and attacked him, and upon finding no firearms or meth, they discovered that he had not even been online with anyone that evening.

The call was traced to the same burner phone number, purchased at Wal-Mart in Boerne with cash, by a female who could not be accurately identified.

Since then, no further evidence has ever been able to be found or connected from the burner phone to either of these two human ass stains.

Numerous online postings were also made over a period of several months using a series of mirrored email accounts with derogatory messages sent to the two narcissist deviants and their families, made to appear to have been created and posted by the fiance. However, he had changed all his email addresses many months earlier, and could not have possibly posted any of the postings. Subsequent investigation indicates the URL and IP addresses to have been “spoofed” and originated from an location close to the Hughs street address.

The harassment by Lacey’s degenerate girlfriend continues to this day, while Lacey apparently claims no knowledge at all of any of these disgusting acts, blaming her ex-fiance without any evidence in existence, again a classic narcissist move.

As mentioned, the fiance as of today has been further diagnosed with severe manic depression (pre-existing however much worse), uncontrollable Complex PTSD, severe anxiety disorder, chronic insomnia, severe somatic symptoms including horrendous nightmares that would scare Stephen King to death, short term memory loss, loss of concentration, and focus, and he’s not been able to sleep in his own bed since Lacey initiated and instigated this disturbing event on July 19th 2019.

He’s slowly accepting that he’ll most likely never be able recover from the extreme, severe emotional and psychological damage, is not expected to ever be able to hold a professional role or license in his chosen profession ever again, and medical professionals indicate that all of this is a  direct result of the intentional, calculated, selfish, disgusting and cruel destruction of his life, inflicted by Lacey Howell aka Lacey Cummins,  and Kimberly “Kimma” Barron. His life has been irreparably damaged and destroyed because these two whores simply have no values, morals or class.

These two are much more than home wreckers, they’re destroyers of life, subhuman social parasites and two of the most cruel, vile, disgusting degenerate warts of society and a threat to society.

Lacey and Kimma currently reside together in Boerne TX,  working at the Cypress Grille on Main Street and Valeria’s Italian Restaurant in Boerne.

To this day, Lacey accepts no responsibility, accountability, remorse, guilt, or sense of shame for the extreme and outright malicious damage they’e inflicted, while the fiance has stated that he would be satisfied with an honest for once explanation from her face to face along with a simple apology for the destruction of his life that he worked so hard to  be able to share with his bride to be and to try and make her as happy as she had made him.

Be extremely cautious and  very aware of these two pathological liars, con-artists, degenerate sexual deviants, covert malignant narcissists, and outright criminal heathens who are skilled manipulators and extremely adept at portraying themselves as the victims of the very activities that they have been so very well orchestrated and instigated.

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