Liquor Store Girl Amy — Wauconda, Illinois

My boyfriend of two years cheated on me the entire time with this girl who works at the liquor store across from his house. I would be at home watching his daughter while he was banging her. Don’t worry I’ve actually met her numerous times and shook her hand once. Must have gotten her off to shake the hand of the woman she was destroying. Has her own daughter and is muvh older then I am. Once I left him he dated her for a couple weeks. Can’t believe it didn’t last. Such a shame. He would scream and shout and fight that he never did anything with her even though I knew it the whole time. My mental health has never been the same after the two of them and my friends and family have been super concerned for me since I started seeing him. God speed liquor store girl. I wish you luck on all the other lives you’ll destroy. Sorry your boyfriend is abusive. Not sorry you used my boyfriend as a snot rag to cry about it to.

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