Lillo Brancato Jr. — Manhattan, New York

This here is Lillo Brancato Jr. or as we know him as “C” from A Bronx Tale or as the guy who killed a NYPD officer all for some tylenol with codeine. Do he says. When we all know it was for some “white girl”. This one hit wonder likes to sit in Instagram all day adding every girl possible. Desperate much?! Then will tell you how sexy you are and how he wants to meet you. Oh wait but theres more. He will then ask for a full body shot picture of yourself so he can sit there and judge you. Look dude you’ve been out of prison for how long now claiming your sober and praise God everyday but sit there on social media all day and be a creep? Why don’t you go back and try and work on your career since your net worth is only $1000 instead of desperately trying to get some pu**y!!!! Beware of him ladies! Don’t let this one hit wonder try and degrade you when he isn’t worth anything! Why don’t you try and repair the family that lost their loved one you killed!!! Stay in New York and don’t come to California like you said you were in March! We have enough trash here!

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