Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Leftist Troll Simon Overall – Mosman, NSW, Australia

Leftist Troll Simon Overall – Mosman, NSW, Australia

Simon Overall from Mosman, NSW is an annoying twat and a cyberstalking troll.

This online pest has been harassing right wing groups and conservative politicians he doesn’t like, and says he has the freedom of speech, to do so. But if you say anything back to him, he reports your freedom of speech, by trying to get you banned, fired, or ostracised. Simon Overall is a whinging sook and a big sheila.

Simon spends all his time online, so you know this tosser isn’t getting laid. Who’d want to root this sorry loser, anyway? He looks like a straight up Muslim terrorist from one of those many Middle Eastern countries that stone and castrate their own burqa-clad females.

Simon wants to bring this sort of third world bullshit to Australia and tries to put a stop to anyone who protests against it. He welcomes violent boat refugees, socialism (communism), Antifa, and Sharia Law into Australia.

This scumbag works for the travel industry. Don’t do business with this terrorist-in-training. Simon Overall works as an Assistant Team Leader at Flight Centre Business Travel, in Spit Junction, NSW. Avoid this loser!

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