Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Lauren Harris aka getabeat09 – Moreno Valley, CA

Lauren Harris aka getabeat09 – Moreno Valley, CA

Lauren Ashley Harris aka LaurenConrad__Not aka getabeat09

Fraud: “deceit, trickery; specifically; wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.”

Cute face with a deceptive personality. A complete a** despite being in the wrong. Compulsive liar. Definitely will charm you and deceive you to believe things that benefit herself. Never claim responsibility for any involvement in anything, everything is an excuse. Only uses you for sexual benefits. Manipulates you to believe you are wrong when in fact, her true intentions is present, regardless how many times you ask for reassurance.

Pretends to care until she has no use of you anymore. Doesn’t offer to pay at dinners or any outings, just sit there and look cute. I wouldn’t have written this, but being an a** to someone who made sure you were good, is a different type of level of disrespect.

I was lead into a world of deception for a very long time. And as anyone would feel, I was played. The stories about her ex’s cheating and leaving for no reason, seems to be false. As long as I was paying, she was interested. As long as I was giving gifts she stayed. She’ll eventually become a pilot and continue her fraudulent behavior. Will sleep with anyone that will allow her. According to her stories, she probably slept around with the entire lesbian community in Moreno Valley to Riverside County.

Beware of sheep in wolves clothings.

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