Expose Cheaters Online Cheaters Laci Smead Spradlin

Laci Smead Spradlin

This woman Laci says she is a godly woman but has a history of child verbal abuse, bullying children, lying, stealing and cheating. She wants everyone to feel sorry for her because of her “disability” with lupus And how she can’t hardly do anything but yet she doesn’t tell anyone she works at her daughters gym and cleans the entire gym by herself for extra money meanwhile she draws a disability check saying she is unemployed. She lies to social security, she has committed fraud. She is a very angry and low self esteem women. She blames everyone else for her problems but in reality she brought everything upon herself. She has also recently married a past sex offender who is also a scammer with his business. She needs mental help because her decisions are not only affecting her but it’s also affecting her daughter but she doesn’t care about that. All she cares about is her self, money and making sure everyone feels sorry for her. Poor women.

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