Kieran Elizabeth McAvoy – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kieran Elizabeth McAvoy is rancid and belongs in a barn. Despite receiving 4k a month as a ghost employee at daddy’s business and residing in a low cost of living area, she still steals from her mother who has Alzheimer’s disease. She is so ratchet and shameless, digging in her mom’s purse right in front of her! She fronts that she is all about curing the drd and takes donations, which she really pockets and uses towards her wedding. She has scammed a lot of people. She is also quite the catfish, airbrushing her online pics when in person she’s a 3/10. Her big teeth match her big waist. She looks like a combination of a beaver and hippopotamus. She’s a delegate for the American Medical Society, yet she called an autistic child with cancer “a retard.” Sabre Tooth really is a nasty woman.

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