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Kerri Ross – Immigration Fraud

The fat one in blue is Kerri Ross and the b1tch in red is Diana. They are both evil. In April 2013 Kerri seduced Bryan Hamilton who was visiting Vancouver from North Battleford, Saskatchewan. For the next 5 years she love bombed him though text and email and strung him along just to control him and make him suffer. She lured him into a fake, long distance relationship and eventually dumped him just to prove she could do it. But Kerri’s fun doesn’t stop there. Kerri is an expert at the dark art of triangulation where you weaponize one human being against another. So she contacted Diana through Facebook and told her about this nice guy named Bryan that she could use. Diana is from Kharkov in the Ukraine with fake tits, fake face, and a fake name. Her only goal in life is to marry some sucker and get out of the Ukraine. And that’s what she got in March of this year when Bryan flew in and they were married. Eventually, when Diana gets landed immigrant status in Canada she’ll divorce Bryan and leave him emotionally devastated, financially devastated, and humiliated in front of his friends, family, and colleagues. When that happens Kerri will be very pleased with herself because she will get a huge dose of high grade narcissistic ego-fuel. People like this are real and they exist all around us. If you are in any kind of relationship with Kerri you have to break it off and go no contact. That’s the only way to protect yourself.

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  1. aj fines says:

    she’s so pathetic trying to get in Mark Pillon’s pants. OMFG makes me want throw up or ROTFL I don’t know which. Kerri Ross evil b1tch it’s so true ha!a

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