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Kerri Ross – evil b1tch

This fat home wrecking slore is Kerri Ross. The b1tch was hospitalized and diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder at the SFU mental health unit in 2007. She has never sought treatment because she likes being evil. She even laughs about it. Kerri is a homewrecker who has destroyed dozens of married men or guys from out of town. She targets them because they are easier to control after she’s used them up. She love bombs them through text, Facebook, twitter, and email. She goes on ‘dates’ with them with full knowledge of her pathetic cuckold husband Jason. Then when her victims are hopelessly attached and under her control she ghosts them. She’ll recruit female friends and get them to flirt with and distract the men she just ghosted. She’ll give their names to Facebook scammers so they’ll get targeted by Russian women looking for “husbands”. Marriages are destroyed, people lose their jobs, some have mental breakdowns. There’s even been a suicide. Kerri enjoys hurting people emotionally. The only difference between Kerri and psycho killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer or pet killer Kayla Bourque is that Kerri has found a way to deliberately hurt people without breaking the law. On the inside they are the same. They are manipulative, incapable of empathy, indifferent to the suffering of others, and they feel a surge of power when they are able to control, dominate and hurt people. I’m tired of watching this evil b1tch do this over and over. Kerri was abused when she was a kid and I want to have sympathy for her, but she has become a monster no better than the one that created her. If you are in any kind of relationship with Kerri you have to break it off and go no contact. That’s the only way to protect yourself. Evil never rests.

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  1. aj fines says:

    she’s so pathetic trying to get in Mark Pillon’s pants. OMFG makes me want throw up or ROTFL I don’t know which. Kerri Ross evil b1tch it’s so true ha!

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