Karen Anticamara – Tagoloan Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Notice a Philippine cheater:
Karen Anticamara
Karen B Anticamara
Her name is Karen Anticamara,
Live in Tagoloan Misamis Oriental, Philippines
Study at Tagoloan community college,
Be careful to send money to her, I just suggested.

She cheat money by the name of love,
She looks like so sweetly, and I never seen her in personally ,and I already give here 25k in one week for her many reason , such as college. Tuition, for food(she said she only has rice, no meat, no vegatables, only one eat everyday…), for return money…., haven’t pay for appartment rent for almost 4 month…, I still haven’t found any problems for here , but after that time, I found two missing:
1: she told me she deleted her fb account and use another one chat to me, coz she only want chat with me , no other guys. But actually I found that she just block me fb account , and it looks like she already delete it , the same time I still can access her fb by my second account, it’s so funny , and after I question to her, she doesn’t confess , and after that time point , my second account can’t access her fb profile, yes, she delete it after i question to her. And till now she still not confess, No matter how much opportunity to confess I give her.she just think im just a stupid man, can be easy to be cheated.Im so sad of her.

2: she ask for money for that she need done her college thesis, she need a laptop to do thesis, she said that she will go to Internet cafe to do it, the cafe rate is 50peso/hr, its so fake price in Misamis Oriental, here is some Philippines ? It’s the true price ? her said that she stay there for 10 hours a day, and cost her 600peso, she need 30days to stay ther to done thesis , so need 18k peso ,so crazy ask money excuses ,she said that there is another choose: rent a laptop for one month, her said that one of her classmate rent a laptop by the price of 8k a month , it’s so funny , by the way : all these money need I pay it , and before these things, she ask me if i can delivery my laptop to her for borrwow a month, Fortunately i can’t, i need use it , otherwise i dont know if i can get it back

Here is her fb profile:





when i post this to fb, she is angry really, she told me she will call the Police, she said that she searched the low, it shown that i will be in jail for one year ,she sure of that. Hehe, so crazy , I did not frame her. Total i said is trues, i have the messenger history of us chat to prove i said.
And Its so funny, she said to me in messenger that : she alread talk to a plolice, she choose forgive me bcoz i pray for her forgiveness. Its so funny, haha, His own show is really funny. I haven’t talk to her in anyother place except messenger, Not to mention asking her to forgive.

And after that she told me :
Her father’s friend is the daughter of President Duterte of Philippines. If I say her bad things online, he will never forgive me and tell Duterte’s daughter.
I just think : Its so sunny, If you really know the daughter of the respected President Duterte, she knows what you are doing, she knows that you are still sophistry, she will be ashamed of you. Haha….

I promise that the all i said is true, i have the proof of chat history by Facebook Messenger.

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