Juanita Tellez Perez – Manassas, Virginia

This trash !!! She is married to an idiot and has 3 children with him. She slept with my husband in her house that she shares with her husband. She took my husband to her husband’s bed and sucked him dry. My husband couldn’t even release having sex with this dirty pig. He couldn’t keep a hard on with her nasty pussy. He said it felt like he was in the ocean. He is at fault through this whole situation as well. I do not defend him either. But she relentlessly pursued him telling him all the time that he was so perfect and that she wanted to deep throat suck his dick that eventually he gave in. He never intended to have sex with her but she was giving him a blowjob and kept begging to get on top of him. I was in the process of my breast cancer reconstruction at the time the affair happened. She knew he was married. She knew I had cancer. She knew he was our family’s sole provider. She tried so hard to make him leave me and his kids. That at the time we’re only 3 & 5. 
She is a total sicko. She will sleep with any one who complements her. She is as disgusting as she is ugly. She is a no good for nothing piece of shit. Keep your husbands far far away from her. My husband was not her first. She has cheated multiple times on her husband. And never believe what she says. She will swear on the life of her kids while lying. Total piece of shit that should have been sterilized before having those kids. So undeserving of her family. Her husband knows everything and still stays with her. Talk about being stupid. 

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