Expose Cheaters Online Jordan watson Jordan watson, ThunderBay – Canada

Jordan watson, ThunderBay – Canada

Don’t trust this girl to save your life,she acts like your “friend” then she goes and turns around and say things that aren’t even placed into the conversation in the first place to save her own “a55” she’s manipulative. She protects her self before others..she ruins relationships,she wrecks friendships cause she’s controlling,she doesn’t even let her own friend Anna have friends cause she’s too controlling but it’s okay for her apparently LOL Jordan you should really tell Skyler how much of a hoe you are cause we all know it’s not just him in the picture probably never will be so don’t go saying how much you love him when everyone knows that’s not the case you and jayda are the same fr,there’s more about this b1tch but she knows and others know how she is,how do I know? Cause we used to be friends in school and outside of school but I’m sick of it grow up for real

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