Johana Molina

Leidy “Johana” Molina is a serial cheater and chronic lair. A native of a shithole city in Colombia, Johana came to the US in hopes if marrying rich and sucking and fucking her way there. She cheated on her last boyfriend of 5+ years with multiple men including her now husband, Walter Ostrander. Walter is a career loser who also cheated on his girlfriend, Nora, with Johana. Since they have been married, Johana as cheated on Walter multiple times and now that she has an anchor baby it’s only a matter of time before she ditches his old ass and takes half of his shit. Johana is a serial liar who puts on the innocent girl act but at the end of the day she is nothing but a money grubbing whore. Her pussy smells and she sucks in bed

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