Jody Jerimiah Brandolf –

So, my so called significant other, who swears he has been faithfully devoted to our relationship for almost two years has been lying to me. This imaginary relationship was a one sided roller coaster, because every time he wanted to escape to his potential victim of his sexual escapades, he would stage a fight ( he’s a professional at it). It took me a long time to realize that he planned and prepared for a way out. Convincing me that it was me, I was the problem and using me as an emotional whipping post at his every whim. What started as an adult friend finder web post quickly turned into a craigslist junkie and the last straw was his profile on which I saw on his opened phone. Posting compromisable photos of me, some I had no idea he had taken. He then took, posted and advertised pictures of me on his website, referring to me as that girl or his friend. This was to help create a player persona of a sexually experienced and very available man to pick up women with, even saying that I would be joining them!I went on to read post after post on his location 101st and Division in Portland, Oregon, and how he wanted to meet all of these girls at the gas station store on 99th or any store close to their house, of their choice so they could meet by chance in a public place. The women that responded to this were sent explicit pics with words of meeting them for his long stroke or how he just liked to please women and see them in their exctasy. Actually he wanted to see them in a vulnerable position and exploit them in every way possible. He is a liar and a con using women for his photo/ video obsession which he shares freely with other’s.He is not worth the skin he wears and I will continue to save money to move away from his constantly dibilatating ways that have left me feeling stuck in this house under his controlling ways and ruled by his ever lasting multiple changing personality. I am three months away from freedom and I feel sorry for his next victim as I moved in he also incorporated all of my things into his own leaving my daughter and I with the clothes on our back when we move.

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