Expose Cheaters Online Jessica Rae Jessica Rae, Calgary – Canada

Jessica Rae, Calgary – Canada

Nick, Jessica Rae moves here to Calgary after marrying into old wealthy Vancouver money from nothing. After cheating on her husband, trying to scam him of his money, and getting sent to rehab she moved on to chasing high net worth men while sleeping with anything that would move into her bed. A friend of mine said he met her at a real estate function where she spoke terribly about her boyfriend saying “ he just doesn’t have the financial success I’m looking for in a partner” while trying to flirt with every high net worth individual at the party. She talks about all these people she knows like she’s important. Says she’s a member of the winter club like it’s a big deal. In reality she grew up super poor tricked some nice west end guy from Vancouver into marrying her and cheated on him while she was a “stay at home mom”. She gives a sob story about how her husband sent her to rehab and how she didn’t really have a problem. I’ve seen this woman crush 10 shot glasses and try to sleep with anything in the room. Unless you want to lose half of everything you have or be on the hook for 18 years of stay very far away.

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