Jessica Dwelley – South China, Maine

Do you know this piece of trash?  If so, you may want to consider the company you keep.  Jess, or as we “lovingly” call her at home now, Meth Mouth – is a homewrecker.  She will pursue your husband hard, even after he’s asked her to back off.  She has no care of the family she may be destroying, or the innocent children who will be hurt even though she’s a mother herself.  It’s sad to know what a terrible role model her poor daughter has as a mother.  
She is even in a relationship of her own, although she’ll leave him temporarily in hopes that your husband will leave you for her – Except no husband would leave his wife for the piece of trash he “slummed” it with.  She’ll send your husband messages about how it should be she and him forever, and she’ll even dip into her savings to try and “buy” him with trips and outings.. I mean I guess if you look like her, and have moral standards as low as her’s, you really need ALL the extra help you can get.. 
Also, I had been under the impression she was at LEAST 45, turns out this whore is only 33.  I know, you’re shocked, right??   
So, If you have the unfortunate luck of knowing this trashy whore, you might want to consider “taking out the trash.”  Maybe clue the father of her child into what a piece of shit she is as well….. Also, does she even have teeth?  Because in every picture it appears she forgot to put in her dentures….  

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